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February 07 2018

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February 06 2018

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Look out!

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One of my favourite things in the Iron Man movies is that the one time a fire happened in the workshop, poor DUM-E couldn’t put it out

Have you ever seen a robot with a claw for a for a face emote “TIME TO SHINE…! Oh shit, wait-  no extinguisher. What do i do?!  WHAT DO I DO????” so perfectly? I think not.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010)
Dir. Edgar Wright

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This is not normal. Never accept it as “just the way things are now.”

source (new york times)

mfg i don’t know if i’m laughing or crying this is the most absurd graph I’ve ever seen it looks like spiders georg 

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Do you ever become desensitized to your own trauma?? Like you’ve been dealing with it for so long that when you accidentally let it slip out in conversation and the persons like “um oh my god?” You’re like wow I forgot my life has been one unspeakable horror after another #noted

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me when my NOTP kiss vs. when my OTP kiss

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In photography, timing is everything.

a very powerful being

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Good morning ☕️🌞💕

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JRT: not so subtle references to a certain turian mercenary.

caption: ARCHANGEL - UNCOMMON NOMAD PAINT JOB - A navy and black turian design ready to ride into hell and back.

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Sometimes I think about when Christian Serratos was on Talking Dead and she mentioned how she practices shooting at a range more than any other cast member of TWD and how dedicated she is that she still worked hard and did stunts while pregnant and then I think about how Alanna Masterson and Sonequa Martin-Green also worked hard while pregnant and how they’re always cheerful and happy and how Sonequa powered through being sick with the flu on a late night shoot and how eloquently she answers questions about her character and then I think about how Danai Gurira is probably the most eloquent person I have ever met and how she’s a deep thinker who always advocates for black rights and women’s rights and specifically black women’s rights and how amazing that is and then I think about how Melissa McBride cares so deeply about the women her character inspires that she regularly tears up at panels and how she’s such a delightful person to work with that so many guests on the show are always eager to meet her and work with her and then I think about how delightful Lauren Cohan is and how every time I see her it makes me smile and how emotionally invested she is in everything she does and how excited she was for The Same Boat because it was a kickass ladies episode and then I think about Katelyn Nacon and how talented she is and the great chemistry with Enid and Maggie and what a sweet kid she is and how her Twitter bio mentions that she was in Too Many Cooks.

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Everyone at the premiere of Black Panther looked absolutely incredible. Apparently the dress code was “Royal Attire” 🤴🏿👸🏿


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