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June 08 2017


a tv show where a lesbian kills the writers

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miss xcx is coming to save pop music in 2k17… just catch that tea

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Gay sex has gotten complicated

I can’t believe straight people watch this and cheer







if you ever feel weird about writing fanfic about tv characters, just remember that hugh dancy writes fanfic about airport carpets.


Pretty sure the story is that the site was made by Hugh’s mate, then he started posting his fanfics that he writes himself then got all his family on board. I have found posts by Claire, Claire’s dad, Hugh’s dad, Hugh’s older bro, Hugh’s college classmates, a scriptwriter, movie editor etc…


this… is somehow even weirder. XD

My evening was fulfilling. And of course Hugh’s Dad, the philosopher, posted the one about Athens airport.

PS. My two favourite Hugh entries:
Edinburg via Hugh “In December 2007, the 83 crew and passengers of EasyFlight 147 were lost somewhere between Gates 3 and 4 of the main terminal of EDI. Despite extensive searches in the airport’s washrooms, restaurants and duty-free shops, no trace was found of them. In January 2009, three survivors of the lost flight staggered out into the airport’s main corridor from behind a decorative pot plant. They were clearly in shock, and violently refused to walk upon EDI’s carpet, claiming it was a portal that had thrust them into a horrifying parallel universe from which only three of them had managed to escape.”
Shangai via Hugh “The Chinese are like a man who arrives late to a party but brings with him a case of champagne, a box of cigars, and a flock of giggling debutantes. While so many of the world’s airports are ripping up their carpets, China has embraced the medium with under-footed majesty. Witness the modernist masterpiece that is PVG. Its palate - tasteful beiges, muted earth tones, grey blues - and streamlined pattern - seeming to reference the architectural lines of Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, and Arne Jacobsen - are unashamedly mid-century. But while its influences are undoubtedly European (how fitting for Shanghai, that most international of Chinese cities) the overall feel of the carpet is undeniably Chinese. It is a carpet that knows what it wants, and gets it too.”

When he said at RDC3 that his favourite past time is being absurdist with his friends, he was being 100% honest.

Whhaaat the fuck is this and why does it make me so fucking happy lol I remember him mentioning getting “caught” by some confused security for taking pictures of an airport carpet but I sweartogod I had no idea it went so much deeper

This is so weird and makes me love him even more. I see that English degree coming out here ha

I didn’t think that I could possibly love him more. But… here it is!

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With everything that’s going on in the world right now, googly eyes are more important than ever. The seemingly benign act of eyebombing, like these outstanding works by Bulgarian eyebomber Vanyu Krastev of Eyebombing Bulgaria, should be considered a public service. 

Each pair of jiggly plastic eyes has the potential to momentarily distract people from their worries and woes, making them smile at the unexpected sight of goofy faces on walls and poles looking right at them, sometimes even smiling back.


[via Colossal]




Friendly reminder that Luke Skywalker played Firelord Ozai

“But I was was gonna go to the earth kingdom to pick up some power converters!”


June 07 2017

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All @anatometalinc everythang! Recently added this lime green opal heart in 18k yellow gold to my existing collection of lime green opals. Also featuring my newest super teardrop eyelets with lime green opals and a 15mm citrine cz which represents my daughter’s birthstone! Hurray for customizable qyality body jewelry! #anatometal #anatolove #qualitybodyjewelry #implantgradebodyjewelry #implantgrade #titanium #madeinamerica #opal #heart #limegreenrevolution #limegreen #limegreenopals #gold #18kgold #yellowgold #goldbodyjewelry #citrine #swarovski #beautiful #superteardropeyelets #eyelets #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #piercingsbysteveo #holland #michigan #downtownholland #puremichigan #Michiganpiercer (at Pincushn’s Custom)


when you really love the aesthetic posts and fanart for a fandom you’re not in

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Fresh triple cartilage rocking lime green opals from @neometaljewelry.
#cartilagepiercing #triple #cartilage #earpiercing #neometal #neocultists #neocult #titanium #indianatattooshops #indianabodypiercer #indianapiercing #nwi #saintjohn #219 #indiana #piercingsbyjoshkivo #legitbodyjewelry #crybabiestattoos @crybabiestattoos (at Cry Babies Tattoo)


i know it’s only fanfiction but i swear,,,,,if you don’t put a line of space between your paragraphs, i suddenly can’t read

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June 06 2017


Ok but like why??? Did Jace??? Do that flip in the air?? Over to valentine??? When he could’ve just taken two steps??? How fucking extra??

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Holy RaviOli you guys! They’re actually doing it! They’re fulfilling the ultimate RaviOli prompt on the show!

?! I don’t even keep up with the show anymore (because honestly that episode where ravi told peyton that the main reason he wanted to test the cure on blaine was because he was in love with her (and not, you know because he wanted to save his bff major who is only a zombie because of blaine) and THEN proceeded to make out with her while his ex boss who he had just hate-fucked was in the other room was just such a stupid plot choice and totally OOC, but i digress)

…BUT I cannot believe this is real? This is literally THE ravioli fanfic trope. 


Roonil Wazlib Potter, you were named after the coolest lie i ever told. stay in school.

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Janelle Monáe attends the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on June 5, 2017 in New York City.  

Her outfits are hit or miss for me, but I love this one!

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